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21 Day Detox

Feel 100% in body, mind & spirit as you get toned, lose weight, and gain energy back

From our experience it takes an understanding of the emotional ups and downs and the mindset behind the strategies to lose weight and keep it off. Mindset is everything.  

Each of us went through part of our lives being toxic, and almost losing it all. But all of us had a rebirth by getting healthy. Now, we want to help you achieve your own miraculous rebirth and turnaround – with a body, mind and spirit transformation which can and will produce real results, and help you feel like “you” again.  

You’ll look and feel at your best, and enjoy more self-confidence and energy. You’ll be healthy, and you’ll learn how to maintain your new lifestyle over the long haul.  


Information can be found anywhere. So can misinformation, for that matter. That’s why we’re not just about information. We’re about taking action and creating results!  

You’re not getting a “diet plan” – you’re being led through a transformation process and a live 21-day event which will change your life!  

You get:

  • 50-page Detox Manual – Quick-start Guide, Grocery list & Recipes to make your life simple  
  • Before and After Photos  
  • Private Facebook Group (You’ll have access to our amazing, world-wide community)  
  • BONUS: 21 Daily e-mail Tips  
  • BONUS: Mindset Training Videos  
  • And a few other things we’re cooking up for you…  

What people are saying

“There is always a friendly staff member at the desk ready to help with any questions. This gym is very professional and the instructors always keep the class safe & moving forward.”

-Jess R.

“Very impressed with the coaches here. As a fitness professional myself, it is rare to find well-rounded coaches who actually focus on mobility, proper alignment & form.”

-Claire W.

““Incredible, empowering classes taught by super talented and engaging instructors. I’m blown away by how much I’ve become addicted to
Total Core Fitness!”

-Caitlin L.

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